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The author is Senior Fellow, SPS

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South Asia’s rubber farmers hit hard by COVID-19

From Bangladesh to India and to Sri Lanka, the natural rubbers producers are getting squeezed under lockdowns and social distancing. It is sounding the death knell of the region’s rubber economy,  writes K S Nayar for South Asia Monitor

In post-COVID-19, Kerala needs innovation in governance

There is a need for a radical attitudinal change in governance and also among Malayalees.  Skilling graduates, who are mostly unemployable, should be top priority, writes K S Nayar for South Asia Monitor

Time to strengthen Quad to counter China’s influence

There is a geopolitical dimension to the COVID-19 tsunami that continues to leave in its wake thousands of deaths across the world

Kerala's migrant challenge: Exodus and influx management

Kerala describes its 400,000 migrant labourers from other parts of India as ‘guest workers’. On Labour Day on May 1, they were gifted with an opportunity to go back to their homes in the north and east of the country while the southern state is struggling to tame the Corona-19 pandemic

Kerala development model under stress

‘Lockdown' is a word that has entered the Malayalam lexicon along with ‘social distancing’. COVID-19 is impacting Kerala society in an unprecedented way never seen before



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