Afghanistan poses a dilemma for NATO

Jens Stoltenberg, the secretary-general of NATO, said NATO is facing a dilemma over its future in Afghanistan as the Doha agreement, between the US and Taliban, warrants all foreign troops out of Afghanistan, TOLOnews reported

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Seven wounded in two Kabul bombings

At least seven people were wounded in two separate bombings on Saturday morning in Kabul, Afghanistan, TOLOnews reported

Taliban attacked 22 provinces in past week, says Afghan defense ministry

The Taliban has mounted attacks on at least 22 provinces on a daily basis across Afghanistan in the past week, TOLOnews reported citing a statement issued by the Afghan Ministry of Defense

13 Australian soldiers face dismissal over illegal killings of Afghans

Thirteen soldiers of Australian special forces are facing dismissal from service on charges of illegal killings of Afghans, Reuters reported citing a statement from the Australian chief of the army

EU presses Afghan government to operationalize reconciliation council

The European Union has asked the Afghan government for a swift operationalization of the High Council for National Reconciliation, TOLOnews reported

Afghan government denies reports of progress in Doha talks

The Afghan government denied reports of any breakthrough with the Taliban in the intra-Afghan negotiation that ha\ves been going on in Doha, Qatar, TOLOnews reported

Germany withdrawing troops from strategic Kunduz province

Germany has started reducing its troop presence in the strategically located northern province of Kunduz in Afghanistan, TOLOnews reported

17 injured in Kandahar bombing

At least 17 people, including members of the Afghan National Police, were injured on Wednesday morning when a suicide bomber detonated a car bomb in Kandahar province of Afghanistan, Ariana News reported

Geneva Conference 2020: World renews its commitments for Afghanistan

Nations around the world committed their financial and political support for the next four years for Afghanistan during the Afghanistan Conference 2020 which was held in Geneva, TOLOnews reported.  In the conference, the country managed to secure around $13 billion in foreign commitments for the next four years, though the amount is less than what the Afghanistan government had expected earlier

At least 17 killed, 50 injured in twin blasts in Bamiyan province

At least 17 people were killed and 50 wounded in twin magnetic IED blasts in central Bamiyan province of Afghanistan, Tolonews reported

Won’t let ISIS rebuild its “terror caliphate” in Afghanistan: NATO

NATO can’t allow ISIS (Daesh) to rebuild its “terror caliphate” it lost in Syria and Iraq again in Afghanistan, said NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg as reported by TOLOnews

Six soldiers of Afghan forces killed in attacks by Taliban

At least six members of Afghan security forces have been killed by the Taliban in two provinces of Afghanistan, TOLOnews reported

Deadlock between Taliban and Afghan government in Doha talks may end soon

Nearly a two-month-long deadlock over the rules of engagement between the Taliban and the Afghan government negotiating teams in Doha's intra-Afghan talks seems to have ended now, TOLOnews reported citing sources

Afghanistan: 23 rockets rained over Kabul; five dead, 32 injured in the attack

At least 23 rockets were fired on Afghanistan's capital Kabul on Saturday morning within hour of two IED explosions killing at least seven people and wounding another 32, Arian news reported

Four million Afghan children at risk due to conflict and poverty

At least four million Afghan children are deprived of normal schooling, while 1.2 million of them are associated with child labour as reported by TOLOnews citing data from the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare

US asks Americans in Kabul to leave following rocket attacks

The United States embassy in Kabul on Saturday issued an alert to all its citizens currently residing in Afghanistan, suggesting they may consider “departing from the country” following the rocket attack on the city, Arian news reported


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