Bangladesh to organise world peace conference next year

Bangladesh will organise a world peace conference next year, marking the 50th year of the country's Liberation War and birth centenary of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, as part of promoting a culture of peace and tolerance

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Bangladesh to join 3rd submarine cable

Bangladesh is going to be connected with a third submarine cable to meet the rapidly growing demand for internet bandwidth and ensure uninterrupted broadband internet services

2,525 cases in 24hrs in Bangladesh, highest in three months

The country yesterday reported 2,525 new cases of COVID-19 -- the highest for a single day in nearly three months

Opposition BNP wants army’s role in vaccine collection, distribution in Bangladesh

BNP has demanded that the Army and relevant organizations be given the responsibility to procure the Covid-19 vaccine and preserve and distribute it

Secularism is one of the principles in our Constitution: Bangladesh minister

Secularism is one of the principles in Bangladesh's constitution and Sheikh Hasina-led government has been working tirelessly to ensure the equal rights of people of all religions, said the newly-appointed State Minister for Religious affairs, Md Faridul Haque Khan

Bangladesh to offer 30 million free doses of COVID vaccine to frontliners

Bangladesh is planning to offer 30 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to frontline workers free of cost in the first phase of the vaccination process amid the coronavirus pandemic

Bangladesh setting up nationwide rail network

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said the government is working to establish a rail network across the country for providing transportation to people and goods at a cheaper rate

Bangladeshi handicrafts fare well in global market

While nearly every business sector in Bangladesh has been hit by the fallouts of the coronavirus pandemic, handicrafts have continued faring well in the global market

Amphan-struck people: Hundreds still have nowhere to go in Bangladesh

Six months have gone since cyclone Amphan walloped the coastal districts of the country

Bangladesh moves to free 138,613 acres of reserved forestland from encroachment

Bangladesh is going to send notices to encroachers as it moves to free 138,613 acres of reserved forestland

Secular activists place seven demands before Bangladesh government

With the slogan "Pakistan lovers go back to Pakistan, leave former Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's Bangladesh! Bangladesh is not for you, the Radical and Communal people," the Movement for Bangladesh Liberation War 1971 - Muktijuddho Mancha - placed 7 demands before Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's government on Saturday

No payment for most Covid frontliners in Bangladesh

None of the government frontline workers infected with coronavirus received the compensation they were promised seven months ago

Dhaka wants OIC's continued support till Rohingyas are repatriated

Bangladesh has urged the OIC member States to continue political and humanitarian support to Bangladesh until dignified repatriation of Rohingyas to Myanmar is ensured

Bangladesh a ‘land of opportunity’ for Nigerian fraudsters

Several fraudsters from Nigeria have been detained by Bangladeshi law enforcement agencies over the past year, leaving honest members of Bangladesh’s Nigerian community feeling ashamed

Comments against 'Liberation War' won't be tolerated: Bangladesh minister

A Bangladesh minister has warned that any comments against the spirit of the country's Liberation War and the Constitution will not be tolerated, while "evil attempts" to destroy the peace and comfort of the public will be resisted

Bangladesh disburses US$ 500,000 to OIC over Rohingya genocide case

Bangladesh has disbursed US$ 500,000 to OIC as foreign ministers of the 57-nation group in their ongoing meeting initiated a fund raising campaign for its West African member Gambia's legal battle against Myanmar over Rohingya genocide in International Court of Justice (ICJ)


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