Government bans gatherings during Eid

The Afghan government tries to prevent people from gathering on the days of Eid

Jul 14, 2020

The Afghan government tries to prevent people from gathering on the days of Eid.

Ministry of Public Health said Monday that if people repeat the “mistake they made on the past Eid days, we will see more cases of coronavirus”.

The second Muslim Eid festival is nearing, while health ministry persistently asks people to stay at their homes.

It had called on people in the past Eid to avoid from Eid greetings, but the demand was ignored by most of people who went to each other’s homes to greet Eid.

The ministry said that just one week after the Eid, they registered 1,000 cases of Corona virus per day that showed the peak of disease. It said that the virus cases have recently decreased.

“We had 50 to 60 per cent of suspected cases of the virus before the Eid ul Fitr, but it has come down to 30 to 40 per cent now,” Akmal Samsor, spokesman of the public health ministry said.

He said that if people ignore warnings and go to each other for Eid greetings, the number of patients would increase again.

Samsor said that 56 per cent of those who died of Corona virus, were not suffering from other illnesses. Only 44 per cent of them had other health problems such as cancer, heart disease etc.

Samsor called on people to wear masks outside home and not to go out if not necessary.

Totally, 34,000 people have been infected with Corona virus. More than 21,000 of them have been recovered and some 1,000 havve lost their lives.

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