Ashok Sawhny

Ashok Sawhny

About Ashok Sawhny

The author is a Delhi-based business leader and poet

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It is a matter of choice

Happiness is not a matter of chance

O, Hiroshima, O Nagasaki: No lessons learnt

O, Hiroshima, O Nagasaki

Not in temple, mosque nor church

We never need read the Scriptures

A requiem for peace

It's all about ego and military might

The sad end of globalisation

Is this the end of Globalisation

A dose of hope and cheer

If Sunshine eludes you then be your


Twilight, that time between sunset and nightfall

Wishes aren’t horses...

The Morning Sun, that intrepid Ball of Fire

Lost in the mist of Time

In the dark abyss of the night

Live in the present

How green was my valley;

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