Ashok Sawhny

Ashok Sawhny

About Ashok Sawhny

The author is a Delhi-based business leader and poet

More From Ashok Sawhny

A Strange Dilemma

Cruelty thy name is Man

The Tragedy of Life

You are only confined by the walls you, foolishly, build yourself

Lord, Please Save Man From Himself

In the assembly/ mehfil of the world, I do not find human beings

Might Is Seldom Right, Friends

Nothing lies eternal, friends


A moment’s ecstasy is worth a hundred years

Share Your Joys, Keep Sorrows To Yourself

Moods are very contagious, indeed

The Trip To Mars

The need for originality of thought and action

Why Me ?

When fortune does not smile upon us

Heaven and Hell Must Be Very Close

Never been there so really can’t say

When It’s Time To Say Goodbye

To Memories we cling


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