Dr. Mohammad Rezaul Karim

Dr. Mohammad Rezaul Karim

About Dr. Mohammad Rezaul Karim

The author is a faculty member at Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre (BPATC), the apex-training institute for the civil servants of Bangladesh.

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Global partnerships will help Bangladesh revive COVID-hit economy

The Bangladesh government is trying its best to restore jobs abroad for the millions of migrant workers so that the large remittance flow continues, writes Dr. Mohammad Rezaul Karim for South Asia Monitor

Unplanned housing societies are new disaster points in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has faced many a fire disaster where unplanned buildings have collapsed like in the case of the Nimtoli fire, Churihatta fire,  etc that caused huge loss of lives, writes  Dr. Mohammad Rezaul Karim for South Asia Monitor

Life in the time of coronavirus in Bangladesh - and elsewhere

Humanity has been suffering from an unprecedented attack from coronavirus. From beggar to billionaire, everybody is affected in myriad ways. Every country has stretched its full resources and energy to combat COVID-19

Relocation of global supply chain: Bangladesh should seize the opportunity

From the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) countries, India is emerging as one of the top alternative manufacturing destinations, writes Dr. Mohammad Rezaul Karim for South Asia Monitor

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