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Partha Pratim Mitra

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The writer is a retired Indian bureaucrat who worked in the labour ministry

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South Asian nations need to harness resources to cope with pandemic fallout

South Asian nations need to work together to cope with COVID-19 and unlock new opportunities to build economic resilience, connectivity, and human capital, writes Partha Pratim Mitra for South Asia Monitor

Harnessing renewable energy: Onus on South Asia

The energy situation in South Asia has been that it is primarily energy fuel deficient as all countries in the region are dependent on substantial imports of fuel, including coal, oil, and natural gas, to meet their growing energy needs, writes Partha Pratim Mitra for South Asia Monitor

South Asia: An assessment for a post-COVID economic recovery

The dilemma of growing COVID-19 cases and reviving economic activity is crucial at this juncture which the leadership in the South Asia region will have to resolve and, herein, lies the challenge for it, writes Partha Pratim Mitra for South Asia Monitor

Regional cooperation needed in South Asia to face the pandemic

Unlike many other regions, South Asia is densely populated with one of the highest poverty levels in the world

South Asia facing sharp economic downturn due to COVID-19

Within the four sub-regions of South Asia, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Bhutan will be doing better as compared to other countries of the region, writes Partha Pratim Mitra for South Asia Monitor

South Asia: Finding trade options to boost regional economic ties

South Asian nations would see a bilateral advantage in establishing trade and economic relationships with each other and the formal association of economic cooperation - SAARC-  which they have set up would gain strength by giving each other more trade access and tariff concessions to their goods and services, writes Partha Pratim Mitra…

India's currency swap agreements would help South Asian economies

While countries of the South Asian region are taking individual steps to battle COVID-19, currency swaps have emerged as an important tool of economic cooperation in the region, writes Partha Pratim Mitra  for South Asia Monitor

Resilience of the real sector key to sustenance in South Asia

In terms of a more vulnerable population which is less well paid, Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh and Nepal are more vulnerable as compared to the rest of the countries of the region, writes Partha Pratim Mitra for South Asia Monitor

South Asia: Fiscal policy as an option for economic revival

The data on the growth rates in Gross Domestic Product between 2015 to 2020 show that South Asia would show the maximum decline in 2020 after growing the fastest between 2015-2019 at an annual average rate of 6.1 percent as compared to 4.8 percent for Southeast Asia and 6.0 percent for East Asia, writes Partha Pratim Mitra for South…

COVID-19 and the world of work: Contours of policy design for South Asia

The distribution of the COVID-19 package across countries of the South Asian region shows that India has been one of the largest beneficiaries but the per capita package is lower than the Maldives and Bhutan due to the smaller population of these countries, writes Partha Pratim Mitra for South Asia Monitor

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