Doha Talks: Afghan government decides to discuss the "legitimacy of war"

What could become the next potential point of contention in the intra-Afghan negotiations in Doha, the Republic (Afghan government) team has decided to first discuss the “legitimacy of war” with the Taliban before any other discussion in the second phase of talks

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Taliban wants collapse of existing constitutional system

The Taliban’s refusal of the current constitution is because it seeks a complete collapse of the entire existing constitutional system in Afghanistan,the country’s Second Vice-President Danish Sarwar has contended

US military blames Taliban for targeted killings

For the first time in recent weeks, the US military blamed the Taliban for “unclaimed attacks and targeted killings” in Afghanistan and has called the group to cease this campaign

New security unit to check Taliban in Afghanistan

Afghanistan activated a new special security unit to check the movement of the Taliban insurgents

Afghan negotiation team to depart for Doha today

The negotiation team of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan will leave for Doha, Qatar, today to resume the second phase of the Intra-Afghan dialogue with the Taliban, and possibly to find a solution to end the four-decade-old war in the country

Kandahar province governor replaced over deteriorating security conditions

Following the deteriorating security situation in southern Kandahar province, the Afghan government on Sunday made changes in the top echelon of the state administration

A warring Afghanistan's future remains a question mark

The next round of the intra-Afghan talks will focus on modalities of the division of powers, said Abdul Hafiz Mansoor, a member of the Afghan government negotiation team. As the Afghan government sets to enter into the second crucial phase of the intra-Afghan talks, the violence-battered country has yet to form a consensus on the issue of an interim government, according to Afghan media reports

Pine nut processing unit to come up in Afghanistan

The Afghan government said that a pine nut processing unit is under construction in eastern Paktia province, TOLOnews reported

Locals block highway in Afghanistan's Nangarhar province over security concerns

Residents of Bati Kot district in eastern Nangarhar province of Afghanistan on Saturday blocked the Jalalabad-Torkham highway over rising security concerns in the areas, TOLOnews reported

Journalist shot dead in Afghanistan

Bismillah Adil Aimaq, a journalist and human rights activist, was shot dead by unknown gunmen in western Ghor province of Afghanistan, TOLOnews reported

Perpetrator of Kabul University attack sentenced to death

Mohammad Adil, the mastermind behind the gruesome Kabul University attack which happened on 2 November last year, was sentenced to death by the Supreme Court, TOLOnews reported

We are prepared for talks, says Taliban

The Afghan insurgent group said they were prepared for the next round of intra-Afghan talks, Tolonews reported

Afghan killing fields: Taliban and its mentors have blood on their hands

Afghanistan's President Ashraf Ghani has asserted that his country is confronting a fierce psychological war, where repeated attacks on journalists and civil society members are directed at sapping national morale

Not inviting Taliban to Bonn Conference was a historic mistake

Masoom Stanekzai, the head of the Afghan negotiation team, said on Wednesday that the decision to not invite the Taliban to Bonn Conference 2001 was “a historic mistake” and it prolonged the conflict in Afghanistan

Afghan pilot killed in Kandahar

An Afghan army pilot was on Wednesday afternoon shot dead by unknown gunmen in Kandahar province, thus becoming the latest victim of the deadly spree of targeted assassinations in Afghanistan

“No guarantee of Success,” NATO chief on Afghan peace process

NATO director-general warned on Tuesday that the ongoing talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban are only “a way to peace” and it is a “fragile process,” there is no guarantee of success



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