Doha Talks: Afghan government decides to discuss the "legitimacy of war"

What could become the next potential point of contention in the intra-Afghan negotiations in Doha, the Republic (Afghan government) team has decided to first discuss the “legitimacy of war” with the Taliban before any other discussion in the second phase of talks

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Ten Afghan radio stations shut down in six months

Amid increasing threats to journalists and the precarious economic situation after the global pandemic, around ten radio stations in war-torn Afghanistan have been closed in the past six months

Afghan forces kill provincial council member

A provincial council member was killed in Afghanistan when security forces members tried to arrest him in cases involving the murders of a journalist and a deputy provincial head of Ghor province, TOLOnews reported

US ambassador denies advocating interim government in Afghanistan

Days after multiple media reports on the formation of an interim government, United States Charge d Affairs in Afghanistan Ross Wilson on Wednesday denied “advocating” the interim government formation in the war-torn nation

US envoy discussed three options for future Afghan government

US Special Representative for Afghan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad, during his last visit to Afghanistan, explored three options for a future government with leading Afghan leaders, reported TOLOnews

Taliban using civilian homes as shield: Afghan President Ghani

The Taliban are using the homes of civilians as shields, leading to more civilian casualties in the country, said Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, reported TOLOnews

Afghan forces clear key highway of Taliban checkpoints

Afghan special forces cleared a key highway that links Baghlan province to northern Balkh of Taliban checkpoints

18 civilians killed in Afghan Air Force strike

At least 18 people, including children and women, were killed in an airstrike by Afghan Air Force in Ghazni province of Afghanistan, TOLOnews reported

Nearly 5000 people died due to air pollution in Afghanistan last year

Air pollution killed around 5,000 people in Afghanistan last year according to the data released by the Afghan Ministry of Public Health. At least 2900 of them died due to respiratory problems and 2072 due to heart diseases

698 Taliban insurgents killed last month in Kandahar

Around 698 Taliban insurgents have been killed in the last month in Kandahar province, claimed a provincial security officer on Friday

Calls for investigating deaths of Afghan journalists

As the Afghan government fails to properly investigate the recent attacks on Afghan journalists, Reporter Without Borders (RSF) said on Thursday they would approach international courts for the inquiry into the attacks, TOLOnews reported

Five children of family killed in Afghan air attack

Five children, two boys and three girls, all from a single family, have been killed in the southern Helmand province of Afghanistan

Taliban captures army base in Kunduz, kills six soldiers

At least six members of Afghan security forces were killed in an attack by the Taliban in northern Kunduz province, as per a report on TOLOnews

Talks of interim government pick up pace in Afghanistan

US special representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad has been in Kabul since Tuesday, but a meeting between him and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani is yet to take place

Taliban denies hand in targeted killings

Days after the US military spokespersons openly blamed the Taliban for targeted killings, the Afghan insurgent group issued a stern statement denying the allegation

$100 million project to cover Kabul with CCTV

In view of the increased security threat in Kabul, the Afghan government will install high-tech security cameras all over the capital. In the past two months, Kabul saw constant IED bombings and targeted killings



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