Basket weaving soon to be history in this Bhutanese village, as last weaver quits

Generations in the village have earned their livelihood and passed off their traditional skill of weaving cane baskets to the next generation, but for Tshering Legi, the one she is weaving right now could be the last such basket,  thus ending a thousand-year-old tradition in Banjar village of Tsamang Gewog block in Mongar district of Bhutan

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Bhutan to focus on domestic winter vegetable production to substitute imports

This winter, Bhutan's agriculture ministry expects to produce more than 10,000 metric tonnes (MT) of winter vegetables in seven southern dzongkhags

Borders closed; Bhutan struggle to export recyclable wastes

Borders’ closure caused by the pandemic hit Bhutan’s solid waste management system in an unexpected way

Durga Puja in Bhutan with COVID-19 protocols

The annual Durga Puja is being held at the Devi Panchayan temple in Thimphu, the Bhutanese capital, with strict COVID-19 safety protocols

Bhutan records two new orchid species

The National Biodiversity Centre (NBC) discovered and recorded two new orchid species— Chiloschista densiflora and Chiloschista himalaica—last week

Paro - gateway to Bhutan - has 100 percent dog sterilisation

Paro, the gateway to Bhutan is also the dzongkhag with a high density of the dog population. It has become unsafe for both pedestrians and cattle

Story of two lovebirds and the Bridge of Prophecy in the Bhutanese capital

Before the Thimphu Welcome Gate, Lungtenzampa Bridge was considered the main entrance of Thimphu city

Entertainment business in Bhutan: Down and out

Two weeks ago, a Karaoke owner opened her shop. She turned it into a bar. The idea was to save her investment, especially furniture and furnishings from pests

Rescued from Baghdad: Bhutanese woman narrates tale of woe

Sonam was 25. She had gone to a primary school and a nunnery. She had never heard of Iraq, forget Baghdad, the capital city of the war-torn country in the Middle East

Domestic tourism gives hope to tour agents in Bhutan

While the pandemic shut down the travel industry this year, local travellers look for ways to revamp their businesses through camping, glamping and Nyekor

Tough road awaits Bhutan’s economic recovery

Bhutan has a tough road post-COVID-19 economic recovery, as India is one of the hardest-hit economies

Bhutan asked to halt potato export to India

Export of potatoes to India, via Jaigaon, which came to a halt last week, may not resume anytime soon considering the current situation

Last-minute requirement cancels Bhutanese workers' flight to the Middle East

A chartered Drukair flight that was supposed to take 127 Bhutanese to the Middle East to resume their jobs yesterday returned from Bagdogra, India

127 Bhutanese return to the Middle East in chartered flight to resume jobs

A chartered Drukair flight today took back 127 Bhutanese to the Middle East to resume their jobs. Of the total, 24 Bhutanese are bound for Dubai and 103 for Kuwait

Pandemic triggers price hike of goods and services in Bhutan

With strenuous and expensive import conditions in the recent time after the lockdown relaxed, the cost of commodities have spiked in the Bhutanese market

India stops potato exports from Bhutan

Although Bhutan has been exporting potatoes to India for a long time now, it is not yet in the import list in India