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Flu vaccination for all to start from November in Bhutan

With growing evidence suggesting that flu vaccines could provide certain protection against Covid-19, the government will start vaccination for the public in November

“Gatekeepers” to be trained for suicide prevention in Bhutan

Coinciding with the World Suicide Prevention Day, Bhutan's COVID-19 mental health and psychosocial response team launched an online training of suicide prevention for gatekeepers who interact daily with other people in the community

Bhutan has one of the highest per capita testing rates globally

Most COVID-19 positive cases detected after the nationwide lockdown was linked to earlier patients, but not all

More than half who sought counselling in Bhutan were students

Students anxious about school reopening, difficulty with online lessons, and examinations made up more than half the callers seeking counselling in the past six months in Bhutan

Bhutan’s COVID-19 story

Bhutanese were startled out of sleep in the early hours of March 6, when the Prime minister’s Office announced on social media the first novel coronavirus case in the country

There is still hope for Bhutan's economy to bounce back: Finance Minister

The economy is bad, but all hope is not lost, according to Finance Minister Namgay Tshering

Lockdown relaxation starts in Phuentsholing

Lockdown relaxation in the red zone town of Phuentsholing started from eight in the morning yesterday

Bhutan’s 'orange warriors' give helping hand to contain COVID

Bhutanese people love football. And their "orange warriors" - the colours of the national team and the national federation -  are making this small landlocked kingdom in South Asia in the Eastern Himalayas proud by their selfless act of offering their services to contain the raging coronavirus

Increase determined contributions to combat climate change: PM Hasina

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has urged all the countries to increase their "determined contributions" to combat the climate change menace and execute the 2015 Paris Agreement

Bhutan's opposition party embraces new leadership

Zhemgang’s Panbang MP Dorji Wangdi will lead the sixteen-member opposition party as the new Opposition Leader (OL) in the National Assembly for the remaining three years of the tenure

Thai volunteers stay back to help Bhutan during the pandemic

Behind the face mask and the coveralls (protective suit), it is hard to tell who is who at the virology and molecular laboratory, Royal Centre for Disease Control (RCDC) in Thimphu

Bhutan's exports dropped to 20 percent during lockdown

Export of goods from major industries declined to around 20 percent of the normal export capacity during the three-week nationwide lockdown, according to Bhutan's Economic Affairs Minister Loknath Sharma

Many Bhutanese worried as prescribed medicines are stuck in Phuentsholing

Bhutanese who depend on medicines imported from Jaigaon will have to wait as medicines, even if prescribed, are not being delivered beyond Phuentsholing

Our choice is safety protocol or lockdown: Bhutan's health minister

While Bhutan completes the second phase of unlocking tomorrow Health Minister Dechen Wangmo cautioned that if Bhutanese don’t adhere to the safety protocols there could be a lockdown any time

Future lockdowns in Bhutan will depend on individual responsibility: Health Minister

With no new cases detected in the past 48 hours (September 2 and 3), the nationwide lockdown has proven effective in preventing further spread of COVID-19