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Frank F. Islam

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The author is an entrepreneur, civic and thought leader based in Washington DC

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Biden victory: Plenty of positives for India, Indian Americans

In this year’s election Joe Biden won and so did the American democracy.  That is a good thing for the United States, for India and indeed for the world, writes Frank F Islam for South Asia Monitor

India should take steps like the US to sustain its artists in COVID era

Given the enormity of the challenge - there are nearly a dozen classical and more than 150 folk dance forms in India - efforts to support artists need to be scaled and replicated throughout the country, writes Frank F. Islam for South Asia Monitor 

A record number of Indian Americans look to expand influence in US administration

The Indian American community has propelled its way to relevance in American politics over the past two decades. The representation of the community has increased at every level with each election cycle, writes Frank F. Islam for South Asia Monitor

Building Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy: We must be the change we wish to see in the world

In the past few years, radical extremists have countered Mahatma Gandhi and his teaching and his preaching with acts of ‘war,’ ‘hate,’ and ‘violence,’ writes Frank F. Islam for South Asia Monitor

Addressing Muslim developmental needs in India is a hand-up, not a hand-out

Although madrasas educate only between 2-4% of Muslim children and youth, they need to modernize their curriculum and move away from Islamic centric or Islamic-only education to a holistic approach that enables these students to integrate fully into Indian society, writes Frank Islam for South Asia Monitor

India-US relations, Indian Americans will fare much better under Biden

On November 3, Americans will decide whether to give another four years to Donald Trump, the Republican candidate, or to give the Oval Office to former vice-president Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate

Indian Americans set to wield greater influence in US politics

It can safely be concluded that 2020 is the year the Indian American community has become relevant in American politics, writes Frank Islam for South Asia Monitor 

India should resist aligning with the US on China

Even though New Delhi and Washington have become closer strategic partners, especially in the past two decades, India has never openly aligned with the United States on China, despite US pressure to do so, writes Frank Islam for South Asia Monitor

The irony of President Trump’s H-1B action

Trump needs to be seen as doing something to save the economy and American jobs. H-1B, which has been a bogeyman for the protectionists and economic nationalists, is an easy target during this downturn, writes Frank Islam for South Asia Monitor

Lessons to be learned from China's COVID-19 handling

The bottom line is this:  China has been less than truthful, manipulated messages, behaved autocratically, turned the pandemic into a geopolitical football game of blame and shame, and not been forthcoming about how the novel coronavirus started nor accepted any responsibility for its consequences, writes Frank F Islam for South Asia…


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