Pranay Kumar Shome

Pranay Kumar Shome

About Pranay Kumar Shome

The author is an International Relations student from Jadavpur University, Kolkata

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Is Pakistan on the cusp of a revolution?

The likelihood of more rebellions against the Imran Khan government and army threatens to tear asunder the fragile religious and societal fabric of Pakistan, writes Pranay Kumar Shome for South Asia Monitor

Quad can play a key role in curbing China's belligerence

The COVID-19 pandemic has provided a unique opportunity for the QUAD countries to contain China in the Indo-Pacific but there remain several caveats

Rajapaksa win will impact on Sri Lankan polity, India ties

India must try and upgrade its ties with Sri Lanka to the level of strategic partnership, writes Pranay Kumar Shome for South Asia Monitor

India-Gulf ties in need of repair and restoration

India’s ties with the Gulf countries that have been robust in the past have come under strain owing to a number of factors

India can shape the new world order

At a time when America’s role is tragically missing and as the world steps up its scrutiny of China, global leadership is suffering from a crisis. It is India that can step in to fill this void in leadership

India should use its temple gold reserve to lift economy

Extreme times call for extreme measures. India is reeling under a chronic economic crisis. If the Indian government takes these measures then it will go a long way in mitigating the economic fallout of the COVID-19

Coronavirus pandemic should promote globalization, not reverse it

The disruption of supply chains coupled with an unprecedented economic disaster waiting for the world due to the pandemic, the pertinent question is - has the time come for the world to have a rethink for globalization, asks Pranay Kumar Shome for South Asia Monitor

Will the Trump visit heal fissures in the Indo-US strategic relationship?

The US-India relationship has a number of contentious issues, trade being the most important of them, writes Pranay Kumar Shome for South Asia Monitor


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