Col Anil Bhat (retd)

Col Anil Bhat (retd)

About Col Anil Bhat (retd)

The writer is a strategic analyst and former spokesperson, Defence Ministry and Indian Army

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Xi’s China is a must-read book

The simple two-worded title of this book Xi’s China is hugely suggestive of the fact that it is the worst version of China in the world so far

A kaleidoscopic look at the Indian Armed Forces

Manthan means churning. This Hindi word can be applied to the Indian Armed Forces because they represent soldiers, sailors, and airmen from different parts of India

Know all about the environment-friendly vehicle of the future

This book Charging India: Developing E-Mobility Ecosystem explores various facets of this transition to e-mobility, looking at a macro level of India’s quest for 100 percent electric mobility

A military commanders’ meet that was packed with significance

The idea to hold the Combined Commanders’ Conference (CCC) at Kevadia, Gujarat is packed with a significance which strikes those aware of India’s post-Independence history, which was swept under the carpet

Indian Navy’s mega war game in the Indian Ocean Region

On October 20, 2020, India re-invited the Australian Navy after 2007 to join maritime exercise Malabar 2020, thereby completing the Quad (Quadrilateral Security Dialogue)

Kargil 1999 and its relevance to the India-China LAC standoff

The first edition of Lt. Gen. Y M Bammi (retd) Kargil 1999: The impregnable conquered, with its 800-plus pages, annexures, maps and additional documents are the most widely compiled book on the intense actions/battles during Pakistan’s ambitious misadventure

‘Making of a General: A Himalayan Echo’ is a valuable reference piece on the Northeast

Many Indians do not know much about the Northeast with its earlier seven and now eight states after the inclusion of Sikkim

Recalling epic tank battles of 1965 war: When Pakistan Army began avoiding Indian Army tanks

The two intense tank battles of the 1965 Indo-Pak war, matching those in World War II, fought at Phillora (Punjab, Pakistan) by Hodson’s Horse (4 Horse) and Poona Horse (17 Horse), and at Asal Uttar (Punjab, India) fought by 3 Cavalry, 8 Cavalry, Deccan Horse (9 Horse) and Scinde Horse (14 Horse debilitated Pakistan’s armour and depressed it…

The X-factor in the liberation of Bangladesh

India’s politico-bureaucratic establishment remained 'sea blind' in the first two decades after Independence despite having a 7516.6 km vast coastline to defend

With China in mind, Indian Navy enhances interoperability with friendly navies

Considering that Indian armed forces are presently preparing for war, the last quarter of 2020 has been quite eventful for the Indian Navy


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