Col Anil Bhat (retd)

Col Anil Bhat (retd)

About Col Anil Bhat (retd)

The writer is a strategic analyst and former spokesperson, Defence Ministry and Indian Army

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India must press home its strategic advantage on snowy heights

Given China’s military intentions and aim, taking advantage of the pandemic, for which it is blamed, it is vital for India to take proactive and powerful measures to ensure its security and integrity, writes Col Anil Bhat (retd) for South Asia Monitor 

Corporatisation of ordnance factory board: A strategic necessity for India

In view of the unprecedented tension between the Indian Army and the Chinese Peoples’ Liberation Army on the Line of Actual Control since early May 2020, it is vitally important for ordnance factories to be able to meet large requirements of arms, ammunition, vehicles, and various equipment, writes Col Anil Bhat (retd) for South Asia…

India boosts its maritime capacities with stealth frigates

The construction for the third in a brand new line of stealth frigates for the Indian Navy began earlier this month with the laying of keel ceremony at Mumbai's government-run Mazgaon Dock Limited (MDL)

Can India and China co-exist?

One mountain Two Tigers - India, China and the High Himalayas is edited by Shakti Sinha and is published by Pentagon Press. Pages: 201. Price: Rs. 795

It's going to be a long eyeball-to-eyeball standoff with China: But India is well prepared

The Chinese had realised that not only were they outnumbered but totally outflanked, making their position untenable. Any armed clash hereafter would have been suicidal, writes Anil Bhat for South Asia Monitor 

When will Kashmiri Pandits be resettled in their homeland?

For Kashmiri Pandits, Hindus, Sikh, and some Muslim migrants to be resettled meaningfully in the Valley, there is a need for a booster dose of political will, writes Anil Bhat for South Asia Monitor

It is time for India to change the narrative with China

It is high time the Chinese political and military leadership are made to realise that chronic hegemonism and doggedness in constantly trying to crawl and clutch Indian territories are not going to work anymore and that the LAC must be clarified, writes Anil Bhat for South Asia Monitor

Why is Rafale seen as a game-changer in air warfare?

The most famous of Rafale's weapons is the METEOR - beyond visual range air-to-air missile - which is widely recognised as a game-changer for air combat, writes Anil Bhat for South Asia Monitor

Unsung frontier heroes: How BRO clears roads and passes in record time

South Asia Monitor speaks to Lt Gen S. Ravi Shankar (retd), former Director General, India's Border Roads Organisation, who highlights the vital frontier role of BRO in timely snow-clearing and bridge-building efforts in two major military operations - in Kargil in 1999 and in Ladakh in 2020

India prepares to use helicopter-launched locust control system

“China ne pissu bheja aur Pakistan ne tiddiyan bhej di” (China sent us a virus and Pakistan sent us locusts) was a wry comment by a shopkeeper in Delhi

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