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Congress' 'family' dilemma: Democracy bows to dynasty in India's oldest party

Can the ailing Sonia, a supposedly abrasive Rahul and a Priyanka carrying the burden of a tainted husband be inspirational? Or will the 135-year-old party slowly sink into oblivion to fulfil the BJP’s dream of a Congress-mukt (free) India?  writes Amulya Ganguli for South Asia Monitor

Education policy: Why is RSS running scared of English

It is clear that in the subcontinent, colonialism is a convenient bogey for the anti-English lobby, writes Amulya Ganguli for South Asia Monitor

Will India become a Hindu rashtra?

Is the Hindu rashtra already here, marking the end of Nehruvian secularism? Just as Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan is said to be keen on reviving the Islamic Ottoman empire, forsaking Kemal Ataturk’s secularism, is Modi leading India towards the pre-Muslim period of ancient India?, writes Amulya Ganguli for South Asia Monitor 

Kashmir a year after: Sullenness inside, support outside

There is little doubt, however, that the removal of the “temporary” provision of a special status for Jammu & Kashmir does have a strong measure of support outside the ruling party because it was perceived as an artificial barrier that fostered separatism, writes Amulya Ganguli for South Asia Monitor

Why the BJP remains unchallenged in Indian politics

There is little doubt, therefore, that the opportunism of Indian politicians is a reason for the BJP’s success, writes Amulya Ganguli for South Asia Monitor

Lapdog TV journalism scripting a disgraceful chapter in India's media history

A coinage about the Indian media that has gained currency in recent years is 'godi' media, which roughly translates into lapdog journalism

Is America’s middle class more sensitive than India’s?

What racism is in the world’s oldest democracy, communalism unfortunately is in its largest version in India. It is no secret that sizeable sections of India’s largest community, the Hindus, are communal,  writes Amulya Ganguli for South Asia Monitor

Has Rahul Gandhi stolen a march on the BJP?

The BJP found itself on the back foot was when Congress leader Rahul Gandhi was pictured sitting on a pavement, talking to a group of migrants. It was a Haroun al-Rashid moment of a privileged person closely interacting with the unwashed masses, writes Amulya Ganguli for South Asia Monitor

Has BJP lost touch with India's masses?

The pandemic has revealed the Jana Sangh-BJP’s basic faultline which marks the breach between the affluent and the non-trader lower castes and the lower middle and working classes, writes Amulya Ganguli for South Asia Monitor 

Muslims in India: A minister indulges in smoke and mirrors

Irrespective of whether they succeed in convincing the foreigners, the reactions in India to the minister’s assertion will range from amusement to derision, writes Amulya Ganguli for South Asia Monitor