Live in the present

How green was my valley;

Ashok Sawhny Jun 17, 2020

How green was my valley;

Cry not, faint heart,

Light up the present alley,

Let Hope play its part.


Regret not the season

Nor the moments gone by,

The heart has its reasons

And Time must fly.


Your present is your clover

The future yet to come,

What's over is over

No reason to be glum.


There are flowers in the garden

And stars in the sky,

Heaven is on earth

So bid the past goodbye.


It may have been green

But that valley is no more;

See through the smokescreen

That story is of yore.


Rhymes are for ever

Like the moon and the cow,

Live in the present

And then take a bow.


Life is this moment,

Not the one gone by:

No time for regrets,

No reason to cry.

(The writer is a businessman and part-time poet.  He can be contacted at


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