World leaders should join hands to save humanity

For the first time the world finds itself caught in the sufferings unleashed by COVID-19.  No one is safe from the virus which has impacted almost every nation on the planet

Swadesh Roy May 19, 2020

For the first time the world finds itself caught in the sufferings unleashed by COVID-19.  No one is safe from the virus which has impacted almost every nation on the planet.  The world has suffered the consequences of the two world wars -- from the holocaust to the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But the danger posed by COVID-19 seems to be far graver.

Around 300,000 people have already died of COVID-19. And the numbers are continuously on the rise. The analysis shows that most of the deaths have been in the age group of 40-70 years. This is a productive and experienced section of the society.  This is the segment which had grown up with the remarkable technological progression in the last century. Even the talented younger lot needed the experience of the people in more mature age-groups to expand their businesses. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg was an undergraduate when he formed the social media company which became a giant with the help of experienced hands that ran it.  

The world needs this experience and efficiency. The intellectual property of this age group is immense. It is this segment that has been hit the hardest by COVID-19. One can safely say that coronavirus has eroded the intellectual base of the world.  

The two world wars were limited to a number of patients. But coronavirus sees no boundaries of nations, class, caste, colour, and race. If the world fails to find a way to stand up to the virus, it will lead to a total collapse.  

Some nations, most notably those in South-East Asia, have affectively countered the virus. The life in these countries is returning to normalcy with all safety precautions in place. Having massive preventive measures in place is a new reality of life in the post-COVID-19 world. The world has not faired very well in dealing with the virus so far, and it is almost certain now that the second wave of the infection is round the corner. The availability of a vaccine continues to be uncertain. And thus the only way to control and contain the spread is by adopting the new lifestyle of social distancing, practicing good personal hygiene, including hand hygiene, and eating a healthy diet to keep the immune system strong. But it will come with its own downside. With no vaccine available and the fear of the second wave of the virus looking imminent, the world faces the danger of worst sufferings.

This new lifestyle will create limitations for traveling and will negate the popular slogan “world is a globe”. Social distancing and other safety measures will bring its own restrictions, which will in the long term impact productivity, leading to the economy of nations being hit. It can be safely said that COVID-19 will not only hit the progress the world has achieved so far but will also slow down all future developments.

The world has to continue and save its 21st century’s progress and life of billions of people. This can be done by putting up a united fight. The world leader needs to ensure that they back the scientific efforts in finding a vaccine that would save mankind.  At the same time, world leaders should join hands to ensure that the global economy does not collapse. All this is only possible when the world leaders come together under a united leadership. In every crisis, the world demands an extraordinary leader. The present situation is the same, and it needs a strong world leader who could defeat COVID-19 and save humanity.

(The writer is a Dhaka-based editor. He can be contacted at


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