Let’s not give In to the virus

It’s Corona yes, but don’t crib

Mar 31, 2020

It’s Corona yes, but don’t crib
About the loneliness and the Lockdown,
If it wasn’t for this severely needed measure
Perhaps, you’d never have needed another frown.

It’s time to spend time with yourself
And, to get to know that stranger within,
The one that you’ve neglected for too long
And, cut out the extraneous sounds and the din.

It’s for the good of all, it seems
Indeed, much needed for our survival,
To bring back to the world an equilibrium
And, to then take steps for its eventual revival.

Let’s support the actions being taken
Let’s give the lockdown a thumbs up,
Let’s engage in banter, home-fun and games
And our writings for harmless, innocuous gup-shup.

It may not be the last of the lockdowns
So, smile and replace those frowns!!!

(The author is a businessman and part-time poet. He can be contacted at ashok.sawhny06.poems@gmail.com)  

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