A Walk Down The Lane Called Life

When months and years don’t count anymore

Ashok Sawhny Nov 21, 2020

When months and years don’t count anymore

And the here and now is all,

When the back’s bent and a stoop’s there

And, you can’t stand quite tall,

When you’re over the hill and it’s all slope down

You fear within that you might fall,

It’s then alone that you understand

The meaning and purpose of it all,

The journey that we all undertake

That which we call Life,

It’s part fun and laughter, folks

Part struggle and strife

But, real it is for all of us

For, life’s anything but a hoax.


The greener grass across your fence

May well be full of weeds,

Sown there you may find

Are some ‘unhappiness’ seeds,

So long as you have access to

Wherewithal for your needs,

They don’t have to be lined with gold, you know

For, that doesn’t speak of deeds,

It only says there’s money there

Which the ‘over-the-hill’ don’t really need.


Each day, my friends, takes a day away

That much less to stay

So, while you’re still around, mentally sound

Enjoy both work and play.


Dance with me, sway with me

Be my partner, O Life,

I shall then be ready always

To walk with you, even on the edge of  a knife.


(The author is a prolific poet who has over 30 poetry books to his credit. He can be reached at ashoksawhny06@gmail.com/ www.ashoksawhny.com)


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