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Global tourism industry may shrink by more than 50% due to the pandemic

Due to the coronavirus, people around the world have canceled their travel plans. Governments and health officials have warned the public to avoid boarding cruise ships and long flights

Coronavirus closes in on Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh's cramped, unprepared camps

Coronavirus is spreading quickly in densely populated Bangladesh, despite a nationwide shutdown put in place a month ago

Myanmar needs to recognise and accept 'Rohingya identity'; integration with Bangladesh is wishful thinking

Indeed, if anyone is serious about the plight of the Rohingyas and is looking for sustainable solutions to the crisis, then the person ought to put her gaze not on Bangladesh but on Myanmar, writes Imtiaz Ahmed for South Asia Monitor

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Please fill me with Hope, not Dread

As if the troubles in life are not enough

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Nepali actor Barsha Raut receives flak after 'my Indians friends' comment

Nepali actor Barsha Raut has come under fire from Nepali netizens for her recent (May 22) comment on the ongoing border issue. A clip that, along with other statements, shows the actress worrying…