Japan-Bangladesh joint project brings paradigm shift in public delivery services

The Cabinet Division of Bangladesh, the executive office of the Prime Minister, has included kaizen in the annual performance agreement (APA) with the allocation of some weightage, writes Dr. Mohammad Rezaul Karim for South Asia Monitor 

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Rising COVID cases in Nepal: Time to include pandemic justice as subject in university curricula

So, with the recognition of international obligations, the states could adopt a unanimous disaster/pandemic risk governance system to enable disaster preparedness and risk reduction mechanisms, writes Jivesh Jha for South Asia Monitor

South Asia facing sharp economic downturn due to COVID-19

Within the four sub-regions of South Asia, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Bhutan will be doing better as compared to other countries of the region, writes Partha Pratim Mitra for South Asia Monitor

Saudi rift increases Pakistan’s vulnerability

The growing burden of public debt remains a major source of vulnerability for Pakistan, especially when it has to borrow more and more to service its existing obligations, both domestic and foreign, writes N Chandra Mohan for South Asia Monitor

Congress' 'family' dilemma: Democracy bows to dynasty in India's oldest party

Can the ailing Sonia, a supposedly abrasive Rahul and a Priyanka carrying the burden of a tainted husband be inspirational? Or will the 135-year-old party slowly sink into oblivion to fulfil the BJP’s dream of a Congress-mukt (free) India?  writes Amulya Ganguli for South Asia Monitor

The US vs China ideological battle, challenge for liberal democracies and an opportunity for India (Part II of two-part series)

China is also aware of India joining the US camp if driven too hard, apart from the increasing realisation that India is no longer a soft state and will stand resolutely and be prepared to fight when its core national interests are threatened, writes Lt Gen P R Kumar (retd) for South Asia Monitor

When will Kashmiri Pandits be resettled in their homeland?

For Kashmiri Pandits, Hindus, Sikh, and some Muslim migrants to be resettled meaningfully in the Valley, there is a need for a booster dose of political will, writes Anil Bhat for South Asia Monitor

Policy challenges for Bangladesh for the next two decades

The question is whether these initiatives are really sufficient enough to effectively lead Bangladesh in the next 21 years and are we in a position to set a comprehensive plan for short, mid and long-term mission to achieve the vision covering all sectors, writes Dr. Mohammad Rezaul Karim for South Asia Monitor

Rafale fleet will be a game-changer for India

As the scars of the recent border clash between China and India are still afresh and the tug of war between Pakistan and India over Kashmir continues, security concerns for each nation will continue to rise, writes Megda Bharadwaj for South Asia Monitor 

Bangladesh walks a tight rope between India, China

Bangladesh has two such neighbors - India and China - who are both trying to establish their prominence on their shared boundaries while also trying to get a powerful grip over South Asia, writes Tasmiah Nuhiya Ahmed for South Asia Monitor

Erosion of American global power: Reshuffling of the deck holds significance for China, India (Part 1 of two-part series)

The reshuffling of the deck internationally is taking place, and it will be interesting to watch it play out, and especially how India, and other South Asian countries, maneuver through the geostrategic maze, writes Lt Gen P R Kumar (retd) for South Asia Monitor

Rajapaksa win will impact on Sri Lankan polity, India ties

India must try and upgrade its ties with Sri Lanka to the level of strategic partnership, writes Pranay Kumar Shome for South Asia Monitor

Role of governors and speakers in political crises: Will India's constitutional guardians rise above partisan politics?

During the last 25 years both these so-called high constitutional offices have repeatedly come under judicial scrutiny and invited adverse comments from the Indian courts, writes Vinod Aggarwal for South Asia Monitor

Israel’s recognition by UAE is a game-changer: Pakistan-China moves need watching

More Gulf States inking peace with Israel will upset Chinese plans to upstage Saudi Arabia’s position in the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and replace it with Turkey, using Pakistan as the handle, writes Lt Gen P. C. Katoch (retd) for South Asia Monitor

India's National Education Policy: More hope than hype

What the Indian government has put forward is a grand vision and policy framework. It reflects the government’s aspirations as to where it would like to see learning, education, teaching, and research, writes Amit Dasgupta for South Asia Monitor

Nepal urgently needs mechanism for compliance of court orders

The non-compliance of court orders would not only lower the public confidence on the judiciary in Nepal, but it will also pose threats to judicial credibility and rule of law, writes Jivesh Jha for South Asia Monitor