Bangladesh economy showed resilience during COVID; but prosperity should reach all

By 2025, Bangladesh is forecast to be the 34th largest economy in the world and will continue at second place in South Asia after India, writes Mohammad Rubel for South Asia Monitor


Producing a world-class helicopter: India needs to develop a strong indigenous industry

If India were to write out a defence industrial policy it may read as follows: 'to establish and foster a strong indigenous helicopter industry with the design and production capacity to cater to all in-country military requirements and bid for export military and civil markets'. writes Rear Admiral Sudhir Pillai (retd) for South Asia Monitor


With SAARC stalled, India must invest in alternative regional mechanisms

With SAARC stalled, India must prioritize regional and sub-regional alternatives to recalibrate its neighborhood strategy and its overall foreign policy, writes Don McLain Gill for South Asia Monitor 


Battle for Bengal: Can Mamata Banerjee survive the BJP onslaught?

The rapid growth of the BJP in West Bengal since the 2014 parliamentary elections can unquestionably be seen as a turning point in the state's turbulent politics, writes Asif Rameez Daudi for South Asia Monitor


China to donate 300,000 doses of its vaccine to Sri Lanka

China will donate 300,000 coronavirus vaccine doses to Sri Lanka following a request made by the island nation’s government


Pakistan opposes new UNSC permanent seats

As India, Brazil, Germany and Japan put forward efforts to reform the 15-member body of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and add seats of new permanent members, Pakistan has opposed the…


New Ayodhya mosque may be dedicated to icon of Hindu-Muslim unity

For the new mosque in Ayodhya, to be built on land mandated by the Supreme Court after it gave the previously disputed Babri Mosque land for the Ram temple to Hindus, Mughal emperor and dynasty…


Pakistan gets GI tag for Basmati rice

Pakistan has received GI (geographical indicator) tag for its Basmati rice, which will help its case against India in the European Union (EU), where India has applied for declaring Basmati as its…


Bangladesh to priotise 16.9 mn people for COVID vaccine, says Hasina

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has outlined the government's plans for the mass vaccination campaign against the coronavirus in Bangladesh following the arrival of around 7 million doses of the…


Sri Lankan PM seeks to expedite the repatriation of migrant workers

Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa Tuesday instructed to expedite the repatriation of Sri Lankan migrant workers who are waiting to return to Sri Lanka


First phase of Covid vaccination drive begins in Nepal

The first phase of COVID-19 vaccination drive kicked off in Nepal on Wednesday


Bhutan: Five years to bring tourism to pre-Covid level

Bhutan will take at least five more years to revive the tourism industry to the pre-COVID-19 level of 2019, estimated the Economic Roadmap 2030 Taskforce of the country


Italian embassy vehicle hit by IED in Kabul

An Italian embassy vehicle carrying the embassy’s Afghan employees was hit by an IED bomb on Monday morning, TOLOnews reported


Maldives passes bill allowing elections in health emergency

The Maldives parliament on Tuesday passed a bill that could pave the way for the country’s election commission to hold local council elections during the public health emergency, Sun reported


Pakistan says India 'fearful' of Kashmir dialogue

Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has dared India to come to the dialogue table with Pakistan over the Kashmir dispute, if it is so sure about its stance and standing on the matter


Indian Americans must remain politically engaged

For those of us who have been away from India for decades, Republic Day and Independence Day are among the few times that we gather to celebrate the great country of our birth


Pakistan may find its US and China ties a difficult balancing act

With US President Joe Biden reversing several measures put in place by the former Donald Trump administration within hours of taking charge of the White House, Pakistan is hoping to reset its…


Pakistani civil society opposes filming execution of child rapist

After an amendment was proposed in the Provincial Assembly of Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), calling for permission by the relevant authorities to film the execution of a convicted sex…

Google commits $150mn for equitable access to Covid vaccines

Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai on Monday pledged more than $150 million to promote vaccine education and ensure equitable distribution so that everyone can benefit from this triumph of…

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