Terrorists storm Kabul University; at least 20 dead

At least three armed militants stormed the Kabul University in Afghanistan on Monday, Tolonews reported

Nov 02, 2020

At least three armed militants stormed the Kabul University in Afghanistan on Monday, Tolonews reported. Afghan forces rushed to the campus and are responding to the attack.

Quoting a senior Afghan security official, Bilal Sarwary, a senior Afghan journalist said, “At least 20 people killed inside the Kabul University. Another 15 injured whiling trying to escape the attack.” The number could go high as the fighting still continues. The attackers came wearing the Afghan Nation Security Forces’ uniform and brought enough weapons, said the same officer. 

Many students fled the campus by jumping walls upon hearing the attack. No group has so far taken the responsibility for the attack. Some attackers managed to enter a classroom where they fired on students, a survivor told Tolonews. 

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and the country’s chief peace negotiator Abdullah Abdullah both condemned the attack. 

Reacting to the attack, Afghanistan’s first vice president Amrullah Saleh tweeted, “One day we will correct our intelligence failures. But the Talibs, their like-minded satanic allies in the next door won’t be ever able to wash their conscience of this sinking and nonjustifiable attack on Kabul University.”

Reports in Afghan media suggest, at the time of the attack some Iranian and Afghan officials were inaugurating a book exhibition on the campus. Multiple videos of the attack on the university campus are doing round on social media platforms where sounds of the gunshots can be heard in the background.   

Tolonews reported a blast occurred on the university campus ensuing gunfight between the security forces and militants. All roads leading to the Kabul University have been closed following the attacks.



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