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Cyclones batter South Asia as Indian Ocean heats up

Nisarga, the first cyclone to have threatened Mumbai in more than 70 years, has left India’s financial capital largely unharmed after it made landfall in the nearby beach town of Alibaug on June 3

Community-run tourism can help Sundarbans cyclone recovery

Governments have to build infrastructure, help residents and ease travel between countries

Pakistan turns locust threat into chicken feed

As the biggest locust swarms for more than 25 years threaten India and Pakistan’s breadbasket regions, a pilot project in Pakistan offers a way to cull the crop-destroying pests without using insecticides that harm people and the environment

Exploring the Indian Ocean as a rich archive of history – above and below the water line

This article is part of a series on oceans being co-ordinated across all The Conversation sites. This is an introductory article on the Indian Ocean. Similar essays will be featured on the other oceans of the world. These essays are longer than usual.

It’s time for the Sundarbans

Well, the Sundarbans has done it again! As it has been doing for hundreds of years. This time, it took the blow of supercyclone Amphan and saved us from severe devastation

The Wild Shrub at the Root of the Afghan Meth Epidemic

MUHAMMAD REHMAN SHIRZAD squints against the late afternoon sun as he scrambles up the side of a steep ravine in the district of Surobi on the eastern edge of Afghanistan’s Kabul Province

How Mumbai's poorest neighbourhood is battling to keep coronavirus at bay

Informal settlements are experiencing a greater surge in COVID-19 cases than other urban neighbourhoods in Mumbai, India

Need for sustainable cross-border tourism in the Sundarbans

Large parts of the eastern India state of West Bengal and Bangladesh experienced mayhem caused by the super-cyclone Amphan

The India-UAE Spat: A Cautionary Tale for New Delhi

India’s relationship with the United Emirates may not be the world’s most watched-relationship—and especially these days, amid a raging global pandemic

How coronavirus sparked a wave of innovation in India

Entrepreneurs and innovators across India have responded quickly to the challenge posed by the COVID-19 pandemic

Five years on from the earthquake in Bhaktapur, Nepal, heritage-led recovery is uniting community

Since the Gorkha earthquake killed almost 9,000 people in April 2015, Nepal has been on a slow and arduous route to recovery

Global tourism industry may shrink by more than 50% due to the pandemic

Due to the coronavirus, people around the world have canceled their travel plans. Governments and health officials have warned the public to avoid boarding cruise ships and long flights

Coronavirus closes in on Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh's cramped, unprepared camps

Coronavirus is spreading quickly in densely populated Bangladesh, despite a nationwide shutdown put in place a month ago

Myanmar needs to recognise and accept 'Rohingya identity'; integration with Bangladesh is wishful thinking

Indeed, if anyone is serious about the plight of the Rohingyas and is looking for sustainable solutions to the crisis, then the person ought to put her gaze not on Bangladesh but on Myanmar, writes Imtiaz Ahmed for South Asia Monitor

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Nepal is making a historical mistake; runs the risk of going the Tibet way

There are millions of people in India who have good feelings about Nepal and have ardent desire to visit this country for several reasons including historical ones

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Meet the man with the golden mask

A Pune businessman and connoisseur of the yellow metal has got himself a gold mask in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic raging across Maharashtra