An Ode to Blue Skies

Why do you turn grey sometimes

Mar 28, 2020

Why do you turn grey sometimes
Why not always a brilliant blue,
So that we can then flying wings see
And never a day of despair, rue.

The Sun, too, would fill us all
With the warmth and love of its rays ,
Clear skies would let us behold
The stars without the haze,

Would also leave warmer nights
With far less chill around,
A nicer dawn to herald the morn
And, fresher dew on the ground..

‘Twud also keep us in good spirits
No creases and no furrowed lines,
Happier faces and  pretty smiles
Happier times, the signs.

Would you now do us the favour
And, let our eyes visualize,
A transparent sky everyday
And, take away the “grey” surprise,

When you’re without a speck of cloud
The world, too, seems like you,
Crystal clear and shining bright
The brilliance of the colour Blue.

(The author is a Delhi-based businessman and part-time poet)


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