The Beauty of Open Spaces and Open Minds

Away from grey walls, the green is good

Ashok Sawhny May 28, 2020

Away from grey walls, the green is good
That is why I’ve never understood,
Why anyone should imprisoned be
By brick and mortar, not greenery,

Those fancy Towers of Portland Cement
That you enter and then, sadly,  repent
The loss of what is truly divine
Starlit nights, the green of the vine,

Out in the open, beneath the skies
Heaven’s not above, it’s in your eyes,
The horizon, the clouds, the dipping Sun
As darkness descends and light’s on the run

To go brighten up things for a fellow- brother
For, light must be shared always with another.

Darkness, we must within ourselves contain
Ignorance is darkness and so is being vain,
Knowledge, like the Sun, is bright and glorious
It’s rays that shine are pure, never spurious,

It travels, like the Orb, to all parts of the globe
It’s like the flashing of a, forever, brilliant strobe,
Removing little particles from the air and the mind
That, uselessly, clog its transmission to the human kind,

For, it’s like Green and the, transparent, Blue
The colours that bring serenity are always, true.

There’s an openness about space that space can't give you

When you enclose it, you’re left with little or no clue
Of the effect it has on the Being, being pampered
An ignorant, ill- informed, person called You.

The same can be said of our minds, too
Closed minds are opinionated which, sadly, we often rue. 

(The author is a businessman and part-time poet. He can be contacted at


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