A prayer for forgiveness

As I look up at the sky

Ashok Sawhny Jun 11, 2020

As I look up at the sky

And, the shining stars above,

I wonder if the  Lord on high

Does this mortal, Me, truly love.


An ardent plea, a fervent prayer

To the Master in the skies,

He, who ensures that night is there

Then, commands the next Sunrise


Why the anger, I humbly ask

With all of us, the humankind,

We are dazed, taken to task

Lost somewhere, is our mind.


The intelligence we, artfully, created

And, the robots that stand so tall,

Now all, seemingly, defeated

As we seem ready to fall.


In our zest for mighty conquest

From the “Truth” we’re far away,

As we face the test of survival

Each weary night and tedious day.


With the powers that we possess

In serious doubt is success,

We hope and pray for your blessings

And, forgiveness for our many sins.

(The author is a businessman and part-time poet. He can be contacted at ashok.sawhny06.poems@gmail.com)  



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