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India needs to embark on a course correction to restore international standing

India's much weaker economic clout in comparison to China's, its controversial and polarising domestic policies, and the lack of dependability have all prompted the rest of its neighbours to embrace the Dragon, helping strengthen its "string of pearls" strategy, writes  E D Mathew for South Asia Monitor

To contribute to global value chain, India needs to move beyond 'self-reliance' label

Being Asia’s third-largest economy, India has been criticized by the US, China, and the EU for rising trade barriers and restrictive investment policies at the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) Trade Policy Review, writes Manjari Balu for South Asia Monitor

Possible reset in Af-Pak ties: Need for India to realign Afghan policy

It is critical for India to make some uncomfortable choices to safeguard its strategic interests in Afghanistan, write Prashant Rastogi and Swati Sinha for South Asia Monitor

How far is India from a $5 trillion economy?

However, progress towards a USD 5 trillion economy has so far been elusive. The goalposts are also shifting. Even at the scorching pace likely in 2021-22, the economy will hit USD 5 trillion only in 2025-26, writes N Chandra Mohan for South Asia Monitor

Biden names China as main adversary, but silent on India, Indo-Pacific

Biden's predecessor Donald Trump had made the Indo-Pacific region, the main theatre of confrontation, a focus of his strategy on China with the Quad – US, India, Japan and Australia – as an emerging force there, an alliance of democracies bookended by the US and India, writes Arul Louis for South Asia Monitor 

United calls for peace in Afghanistan: Taliban must stop daily killings

The first gathering of Afghanistan and Indian Islamic scholars was held at India Islamic Cultural Centre in New Delhi and held that the war in Afghanistan and targeting of civilian institutions was illegitimate and there is no religious justification for it, writes Sayed Ziaullah Hashimi  for South Asia Monitor

Can Pakistan tide over credibility crisis over acquittal of Daniel Pearl's killers?

While peace in Afghanistan seems a long way off, and the two issues are not connected, the Pearl/Sheikh issue has emerged as a diplomatic hot potato, writes Mahendra Ved for South Asia Monitor

For India’s national security, time for civil and military synergy

The time has come for holistic civil-military integration and synergy in India to meet the challenges of a multi-polar, multi-domain world especially with a belligerent and hegemonistic China and its ally Pakistan in our immediate neighbourhood, writes Lt Gen PR Kumar (retd) for South Asia Monitor

Indian government and farmers: Is a prolonged deadlock on the cards?

The government might have been more accommodating if it is wasn’t jittery about the political impact of a retreat at a time when the BJP faces four crucial elections where its chances are not foolproof, writes Amulya Ganguli for South Asia Monitor

Nepal’s proposed international airport poses a threat to the environment

Nijgadh is planned to be the largest airport in South Asia in terms of area, covering 8,045.79 hectares. While a new international airport is needed, the Nijgadh dream comes with an environmental nightmare, write Harsh Mahaseth and Pranjal Risal for South Asia Monitor

Sino-Indian ties likely to remain a 'cold peace' in 2021: But keep communication lines open

Although it is unrealistic to have too high expectations for Sino-Indian relations in 2021, it is certain that the two sides would not want to make bilateral relations further worse, writes Siwei Liu for South Asia Monitor

Return of jackboots in Myanmar: Major implications for region

The army is upset with the NLD government for agreeing to take back from Bangladesh the Rohingya Muslim refugees in phases after a Chinese-mediated dialogue. Nearly 40,000 Rohingyas are expected to return in the first phase, writes Subir Bhaumik for South Asia Monitor

Afghanistan should not be turned into a nest of terrorism again

Biden needs to go through all the wrong decisions made by Trump and come out with valuable and healthy steps to maintain democracy in Afghanistan and to respect the blood its soldiers had shed, and end the war, writes Majidullah Rasooli for South Asia Monitor

Gandhi’s 73rd death anniversary: Remembering the apostle of peace in today's context

Gandhiji had a presence. That is a mark of a great soul and a very much evolved spiritual being. To Gandhiji spirituality came first; other things like politics, public life, etc. were by-products of his spirituality, writes Anil K Rajvanshi for South Asia Monitor

Growing Indo-Saudi Arabia ties will amaze the world

The contributions made by the Indian community in the development of Saudi Arabia have always been appreciated by the Saudi government. Keeping in view the contribution of expat Indians, the Saudi government, irrespective of their religion, treats every expat Indian equally like its own citizen, writes Asif Rameez Daudi for South Asia Monitor


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